All the members of Hawick Community Council were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Burnfoot Community Council Chair, Anne Knight. Anne was a very much respected member and stalwart of the Community Council and will be greatly missed by all the residents of Burnfoot as well as the townsfolk of Hawick.
Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this very sad time. Cameron Knox, HCC Chair

Welcome to the Home page of Hawick Community Council. Along with Burnfoot Community Council we cover the Hawick and Hermitage and Hawick and Denholm Ward areas of Scottish Borders Council.  Our 6 elected Scottish Borders Councillors are ex-officio members.  Co-opted and ex-officio members have no votes at committee meetings. 

As one of 67 community councils in the Scottish Borders our purpose is to express the views of the community to the local authority and other public bodies.   We also get involved in other activities – please see our Projects page.

Please note if any member of the public has any Town issues/problems during this present time of uncertainty, please forward them to Hawick Community Council through our Facebook page or our website as your Community Council is “still open for business”.

Cameron Knox
Chair, Hawick Community Council.

Hawick -  2020 Shop Front Grants are still available to apply for, for more information contact Future Hawick.

New Alcohol Byelaw

Below is the link for the survey for the new proposed Alcohol Byelaw to be piloted.
It is important that as many people as possible fill this in as the outcome will depend on the results.


Flood Scheme information can be found in the Projects Tab.


1st June update (Scotland) 
Phase 1 easing of Lockdown restrictions
You are now be able to use public spaces such as parks or private gardens to sit or meet up with one other household outdoors, up to 8 people, provided social distancing is maintained.
Travelling short distances for leisure and exercise will be allowed, though you are still encouraged to walk or cycle if possible. Some workplaces will reopen. International border measures will be introduced.
 Remote working remains the default position for those that can do so. Where workplaces reopen, employers should consider staggered start times and flexible working. Outdoor workplaces will reopen with distancing measures in place, while the construction sector will also start to resume. The housing market and car showrooms will also begin to reopen.
Unrestricted outdoor exercise will be allowed if it is non-contact and distancing can be maintained. Activities such as golf, hiking, canoeing, outdoor swimming and angling will all be allowed in your local area. The first minister has suggested up to five miles distance might be considered "local".
Household waste recycling centres will open again. The restart of many NHS services will begin including fertility treatment and community services. Designated visitors will be allowed in care homes.

Link for equestrian information is  https://www.bhs.org.uk/advice-and-information/coronavirus-covid-19

Update 30th March
If you have symptoms self isolate for 7 days if you are on your own, if you live with others 14 days.

If your symptoms become a lot worse call 111 for advice or call a family member or one of the contacts on this page.
please do not visit a health centre or pharmacy to help  protect those that work there.

The Hawick Resilience Group now have representatives from Newmill, Roberton and Stobs available, so if anyone in these communities and the rural area surrounding Hawick would like any assistance please call us on 07566 733 135 and we can pass your requests to these relevant volunteers

There is only one number available for seeking assistance from the groups for shopping, delivery of meds, joining the telephoning/befriending service, dog walking.
 The Number is 07566 733 135

  Help for those who need it, please see the message below from Gordon Short Co-ordinator of Hawick Resilient Communities

All Resilient Communities have now been contacted by Scottish Borders Council and reminded that only volunteers within the Resilient Communities framework will be able to operate for insurance purposes so it is therefore important that volunteers register with me


I have been led to believe also that scams are taking place and I know for instance that the British Red Cross are concerned at individuals calling at properties offering to help but at a cost, whereas any service we can offer such as deliveries of food and medication and even just the opportunity to have a chat, will be free of charge


To combat this I am arranging for any member working for the Resilience Group to have access to identification which should alleviate the fears of the elderly and vulnerable residents


Please therefore if you feel you can assist in Hawick, contact me on 07496485222 or at over50s@tiscali.co.uk to register your interest”




Other numbers / links  for enquiries

Stuart Marshall Smarshall@scotborders.gov.uk

Tel. 07767323189 


 Denholm: https://www.facebook.com/groups/denholmvillage


Southdean &  Chesters:  https://www.facebook.com/SouthdeanHall/posts



More details can be found on Facebook at Hawick Chat - COVID-19 Action Team

ScotRail to introduce timetable changes which will keep essential services moving 

Full details of the changes are available on our website:


Hawick Community Recycling Centre will reopen on Monday 1st June. 
It will operate 7 days 9am to 2pm. It is important to check the website (link below) before going as there are restrictions and live updates will be on the website.
The Scottish Government have now relaxed some restrictions, and have allowed recycling centres across Scotland to be reopened from Monday 1 June.
SBC expect demand to be extremely high across our seven recycling centres.
Therefore to ensure the safety of their customers and staff and allow access for as many people as possible, a number of temporary restrictions will be in place.
These temporary restrictions which will be reviewed and adjusted over time, with Councillors being made aware of any changes.
The temporary restrictions will be as follows:
·         An odd and even vehicle number plate system will be in place, which means you can only visit on certain days. Full details are available at www.scotborders.gov.uk/recyclingcentres 
·         Recycling centres will be open seven days a week, between 9am to 2pm
·         Only cars and small vans weighing up to two tonnes accepted, such as car-derived vans and small panel vans. No large vans, trailers or horse boxes will be accepted
·         Only garden waste and waste that residents normally put in their general waste bin will be accepted
·         Maximum of five bin bags per trip and only one visit allowed per day
·         If possible, one person per vehicle should travel to the site and only one should leave the vehicle to offload waste
·         No assistance can be provided by site staff to offload materials due to social distancing guidance
The following further guidance on usage of recycling centres at this time will also be provided to the public:
·         Lengthy queues are expected, with residents encouraged to only use the recycling centres if essential to help the facilities cope with demand
·         New traffic management systems will be in place and queue lengths will be restricted
·         The temporary restrictions are in place to ensure the safety of customers and staff and allow access to as many people as possible
·         You must continue to follow the government’s two metre social distancing guidance when visiting our recycling centres
·         Waste should be presented in easily managed amounts that can be deposited quickly on arrival at site
·         Recycling Centres may need to temporarily close at short notice in order for skips to be emptied
·         We thank all residents for their patience and cooperation and would ask anyone using our recycling centres to please treat our staff with respect
·         Failure to comply with the temporary restrictions and social distancing guidance will result in recycling centres having to close again
·         Please check our website before visiting for live queuing times and full details of temporary restrictions - www.scotborders.gov.uk/recyclingcentres
It is worth noting that the reopening of recycling centres does not mean these facilities have returned to normal business, with temporary restrictions potentially in place in the longer term.
The new dedicated section of the website – www.scotborders.gov.uk/recyclingcentres - also includes:
·         Infographic image
·         Animated video
·         Live queuing times
·         More details on the number plate system
·         FAQs

 No Waiting Schedules

 Recycling Centres
Parking will be prohibited on the following roads from 18:00 on the 31st May 2020, for a duration of 6 months:

• Lower Mansfield Road, Hawick – from the entrance to the recycling centre westwards for 100 metres

Bright Street, Hawick

Parking will be prohibited on the following road from 08:00 on the 15th July 2020 until 18:00 on the 17th July 2020 to allow BT Openreach to carry out manhole repairs.

 • Bright Street, Hawick – from number 2 to number 10 Bright Street – both sides of the road

 Burnfoot Road, Hawick

Parking will be prohibited on the following road from 08:00 on the 17th June 2020 until 18:00 on the 18th June 2020 to allow C-plan to carry out conductive concrete earthing on behalf of BT Openreach.
• Burnfoot Road, Hawick – from Fairhurst Drive eastwards for 35 metres – both sides of the road.
• Burnfoot Road, Hawick – from Fairhurst Drive westwards for 65 metres – south side of the road.
• Burnfoot Road, Hawick – from a point 45 metres west of Fairhurst Drive westwards for 45 metres – north side of the road.

Commercial Road, Hawick Closure and One Way is cancelled until further notice due to Coronavirus, for more information please click the Projects tab.


 University College London is running a study into the psychological and social effects of Covid-19 in the UK.
The results are being used to understand the effects of the virus and social distancing measures on mental health and loneliness in the UK and to inform government advice and decisions.
They are looking for adults in UK who are happy to take part and spread the word about the study. Participation involves answering a 10-minute online survey now and then answering a shorter follow-up survey once a week whilst social isolation measures are in place.
To take part, visit https://redcap.idhs.ucl.ac.uk/surveys/?s=TTXKND8JMK


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