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Resilience planning for communities is an initiative supported by local, Scottish and UK governments, the principle of which is that communities develop local response and expertise to help themselves during an emergency such as flooding, severe weather, fires or major incidents.  Clearing of snow, placing sandbags, delivery of supplies, providing meals and assistance in halls and checking on neighbours are a few of the tasks and we appreciate that for most of us we do that anyway but for Hawick to sign up the plan, we need volunteers to register. 

An example they use is if someone requires kidney dialysis and due to snow, whilst the main roads are clear, they cannot access these roads, the co-ordinator can draw on folks registered from whatever area in the town to help with the snow clearing to the main road, thereby allowing the patient to get the necessary treatment.  We have already delivered leaflets to Mansfield/Weensland/Mayfield with many other areas of the town in the offing.  We are very lucky in Hawick to be able to tap into the local Flood Prevention Group and this again is a fine example of volunteers, being led by Stuart Marshall and Marion Chrystie, undertaking a valuable community exercise.   I am sure folks who might be affected in say Mansfield for instance are glad of their existence.  

A very successful missing persons exercise was carried out on Saturday, 7 April 2018 with the resilience volunteers, Police Scotland and the Tweed Valley Mountain Team.   The scenario was two elderly ladies had gone missing from Deanfield and the search took place in the area of Wilton Park with the Tweed Valley Mountain Team members demonstrating a line search from the cafe up to the bandstand.   Everybody agreed it had been a really useful exercise and we now await a real call out from the Police.

If you would like to join the Resilience Volunteers please email Gordon Short at