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Williestruther Loch

Completed walk officially opened on 12 August, 2015.

In June 2014 Hawick Community Council submitted an application to Scottish and Southern Electricity’s Sustainable Development Fund to provide a new walk for townspeople, wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, visitors and school children around Williestruther Loch.
   Funding of £30,000 was announced at the end of September and works are now under way to provide a car park for around 8 cars, board walks to cross marshy ground and burns, visitor information boards, two pond dipping areas and a picnic bench and benches around the loch for people to sit and admire the scenery and take in the tranquil scenery.   

Williestruther ("struther" is old Scots for marsh), situated on Hawick’s Common Good land and part of Pilmuir Farm, started its life as little more than a bog before being dammed in the early 19th century to provide water to the mills on the Slitrig River.  This allowed the mills fed by that water to survive through the drought of the summer of 1844, when the local rivers dried up to a trickle(reported in the Kelso Chronicle of 17 May, 1844). It has been the site of several drownings over the years.

The loch is strictly for bank only fishing managed by Hawick Angling Club and is stocked regularly with rainbow trout from one of the local fish farms using bait in the form of worms and maggots either fished on the bottom or under a float.